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Map of M25 Motorway Junctions

Below is a map of all the M25 motorway junctions. Junctions 1 to 31. The M25 is the London orbital motorway.

The map will help you find information about M25 motorway junctions.

Knowing which M25 junctions are were or what junction connects with other motorways and major roads will help with finding current M25 roadworks and the latest M25 traffic reports.

We aslo feature a map of junctions with other motorways and a map of attractions and days out around the M25.

Junctions on the North Side of the M25

The North side of the M25 runs fairly straight between Hunton Bridge, and Kings Langley at Junction 20 on the West side round to Epping Junction 27 on the East side where the M25 connects with the M11.

M25 Junction 20 at Kings Langley connects to the A41 heading South inside the M25 to Edgware and North outside the M25 to Aylesbury.

M25 Junction 21 connects with the M1 (M1 Junction 7) at Winch Hill Wood.

M25 Juncton 22 connects to the A1081 for London Colney and St Albans.

M25 Junction 23 connrects to the A1(M) for Hatfield at South Mimms.

M25 Junction 24 at Potters Bar.

M25 Junction 25 connects the A10 at Waltham Cross.

M25 Junction 26 connects the A121 at Waltham Abbey.

Map of all the M25 junctions

Junctions on the East side of the M25

The East side of the M25 runs reasonably straight North South from Junction 28 at Brentwood to Junction 4 at Longspring Wood.

M25 Junction 29 is at Codham Hall Wood where the M25 connects to the A127 Arterial Road going to Romford to the West inside the M25 and to Basildon to the West outside the M25.

M25 Junction 30 connects to the A13 at Low Well Wood where the A13 heads West into London and Rainham and out West to Stanford-le-Hope.

Heading South from Junction 30 from Junction 31 at West Thurrock (North side of the Thames) the M25 is a Toll Road (fees apply for using the road) and the M25 (A282 at this point) goes under the River Thames via the Dartford Tunnel or over the River Thames via the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge.

The Queen Elizabeth bridge is a stunning sight at 812 metres (2,664 ft) long and 57.5 metres (189 ft) high at road level (total height 137 metres or 449 ft) and is a cable-stayed bridge. The Dartford Tunnel is 1,430 metres (4,691 ft) long and first openned (West Tunnel) in 1963 with the bridge coming later in 1991.

M25 Junction 1A is on the South side of the Dartford Crossing and connects to the A206 and Junction 1B conntecting to the A226 to Dartford to the West inside the M25 and to Swanscombe to the East outside the M25.

M25 Junction 2 joins the A2 (Watling Street) South of Dartford the A2 then becoming the M2 at Cole Wood heading to Faversham.

M25 Junction 3 at Swanley joins the M20 heading South East away from London to Folkstone. 

M25 Junction 4 connects to the A21 (Sevonoaks Road) at Longspring Wood heading inside the M25 then becoming the A232 to Croydon, via West Wickham.

Junctions on the South Side of the M25

The South side of the M25 runs reasonably straight East West between the M25 Junction 5 that connects to the M26 in the East across to M25 Junction 12 which is the Junction that connects to the M3 motorway.

The M26 Motorway joins the M20 motoway heading to Folkstone.

M25 Juntion 6 connects to the A22 at Godstone. The A22 heading north into London connecting with the A23 at Purley, South Croydon. The A22 heading south from the M25 to Eastbourne.

M25 Junction 7 connects to the M23 Motorway heading South to Crawley and Gatwick Airport and North on the A23 to Purley.

M25 Junction 8 connects to the A217 heading South to Reigate and North to Kingswood.

 M25 Junction 9 at Leatherhead connects to the A24 which heads North to Epsom and South to Dorking.

M25 Junction 10 at Cobham connects to the A3 whcih heads South to Guildford and North to Chessington popular for Chessington World of Adventures.

M25 Junction 11 at Chertsey connects to the A317 heading to Weybridge inside the M25 and outside the M25 to the A320 to Woking.

M25 Junction 12 at Thorpe, popular for Thorpe Park adventure park, connects to the M3 motorway. The M3 heads East into London and Sunbury-on-Thames and West away from London to Portsmouth via Camberley, Basinstoke and Winchester.

Junctions on the West side of the M25

The West side of the M25 runs North South is a relatively straight line from Junction 13, Staines-upon-Thames to Junction 19 Watford.

M25 at junction 14 Heathrow Airport.

M25 Junction 15 connects to the M4 motorway. The M4 heads East inside the M25 to cental London via Heathrow Airport North, and the M4 heads West outside the M25 to South Wales via Slough, Maidenhead and Reading, Swindon and Bristol to Wales.

M25 Junction 16 at Denham joins the M40 motorway which heads north east to Earlswood in Warchickshire.

M25 Junction 17 at Mill End connects via the A405 North Orbital road to the A412 Uxbridge Road to Rickmansworth (North) and Denham (South).

M25 Junction 18 at Chorleywood connects to the A404 which heads inside the M25 to Rickmansworth and outside the M25 to Amersham.

M25 Junction 19 at Birch Spring heads inside the M25 to connect to the A41 and A411 for Watford.

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