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Map of M25 Junctions Connecting Other Motorways

If you are looking for which junctions on the M25 connect with other motorways you have come to the right place.

On this page we feature a map of the M25 junctions that are the connecting junctions with other motorways including the M1, A1(M), M11, M2, M20, M26, M23, M3, M4 and M40 clockwise from the central Northern point of the M25.

The connecting junctions are often some of the most congested and busy sections of the M25 motorway during rush hour and peak periods.

This is especially the case around the M40, M4 and M3 junctions on the west side of the motorway.

There is a lot of heavy commuter traffic travelling towards the Heathrow Airport area in the morning from around 5.50am usually and away from the airport in the afternoon and early to mid evening as the airport is a large employer in the area.

This is in addition to travellers heading heading for Heathrow for flights.

You can now use our new traffic flow map to see the real time speed of traffc flow around the M25 right now!

The traffic flow map highlights the build up of congestion as it is happening in real time in these areas in the morning and afternoon to evening in certain parts of the M25.

Map of M25 Motorway Connections

Map of M25 Motorway Connecting Junctions.

map of the m25 motorway junctions connecting with other motorways

M1, M11 & A1(M) Motorways North Side of the M25

To the north west the M25 junction 21 of the M25 joins the M1 which heads north to Northampton.

Junction 23 of the M25 joins the A1(M) which heads towards north to Peterborough.

To the north east the M25 at junction 27 of the M25 it joins the M11 which heads north to Cambridge.

M2 Motorway East Side of the M25

On the east side of the M25 the M2 joins the M25 at junction 2 of the M25. The M2 goes south east from Strood to Faversham

M20, M26, M23 & M3 Motorways South Side of the M25

To the south east the M25 joins the M20 at junction 3 and the M26 at junction 5 of the M25 which head south east to Maidstone and then Folkstone on the coast.

The far south of the M25 joins the M23 at juntion 7 of the M25 and the M23 heads south and joins the A23 to Brighton.

On the south west side of the M25 at junction 12 the M25 it joins the M3 which heads south west to Southahmpton.

M4 & M40 Motorways West Side of the M25

On the west side of the M25 at junction 15 of the M25 it joins the M4 which heads west through Slough, Reading, Swindon to Bristol and Wales.

Also on the west side of the M25 at junction 16 (Denham) the M25 joins the M40 which heads north east to Earlswood in Warchickshire.

Latest M25 Traffic News Updates

M25 J10 anti-clockwise exit | Anti-Clockwise | Congestion
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 00:04:31 GMT
M25 Current Traffic Incidents
Location : The M25 anticlockwise between junctions J11 and J10 . Reason : Congestion. Status : Currently Active. Return To Normal : Normal traffic conditions are expected between 01:00 and 01:15 on 16 June 2024. Delay : There are currently delays of 20 minutes against expected traffic.

Latest M25 Traffic News Updates