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Map of Live M25 Traffic Flow

Our live M25 traffic flow page used to feature a Google Traffic Flow Map which has sadly now been removed.

The Google live traffic flow map was not "live" enough to feature as there was a time delay in it updating of at least 15 minutes.

Plus Google's charges for the map to be displayed were excessive and not feasible given that our site is free to use.

Incidents and accidents on the M25, can cause traffic flow to slow down as well as roadworks. We have dedicated pages of todays M25 incidents and roadworks affecting the M25. You can also use our handy M25 Traffic News search page to fine tune your traffic search.

The green areas are fast normal flowing traffic, the orange areas of traffic flow are slower and the red areas are slow congested section of the M25 motorway right now.

There are + and - buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the traffic flow map which enable you to zoom in on desktop view and on a mobile or touch screen device you can simply pinch and expand your fingers to zoom in and out. You can drag and move the map around with your mouse or finger so see closer in on the section of the M25 traffic flow you are interested in.

If you are heading into central london you can also zoom i and see central London traffic flow.

Map of Speed of Traffic Flow in Real Time

Map of M25 Junctions for Traffic Speed Flow

So that you can also gauge the junctions we also show a copy of our map of all M25 junctions here.

Map of all M25 junctions